Say a man looks down at his penis or examines it in the mirror afore showering. He wants to see a case of accomplished penis health, abnormally if he is anyone who takes the time to anxiously arise to his manhood. Discovering some new penis bumps which had not been there ahead is absolutely not what he has in apperception -and if those penis bumps advance into blisters, so abundant the worse! In some cases, it’s accessible that these blisters may be the aftereffect of something alleged bullous pemphigoid – and it’s acceptable that the baking is not bound to the penis.

What is bullous pemphigoid?

Bullous pemphigoid is a attenuate derma action that is classified as an autoimmune disorder. That basically agency it occurs because the body’s defenses accept mis-identified something by itself occurring in the physique and accede it a blackmail – and so they accept developed a acknowledgment to handle what it considers a threat.

In this case, the physique thinks something is amiss and so it attacks a attenuate band of derma tissue in such a way that the bumps and again blisters appearance up. They can advance over a aeon of time, but can aswell do so rapidly in some cases.

The blisters can alter in size, with some of them absolutely large. They tend to be abounding with a bright or yellow-ish liquid; sometimes there may be claret inside. The blisters generally buck a affinity to those frequently associated with adulteration ivy. They are adequately harder to the touch, but they can pop – abnormally if they are aching harder enough. (And yes, they can crawling absolutely a bit.) Ruptured blisters can become infected, which can advance to a potentially life-threatening situation.

As mentioned earlier, bullous pemphigoid can arise abroad in the body, rather than just as penis bumps. They may aswell arise on the arms, legs, anatomy or even the face.

Both men and women can get bullous pemphigoid. And although it can action at any age, it is added generally begin in humans age-old 60 or older.


Not abundant is accepted about the affidavit that a physique ability advance an autoimmune acknowledgment like this. However, it does arise that sometimes assertive medications may act as a trigger. These cover penicillin, sulfasalazine and furosemide. If a biologic is abaft the access of the reaction, the aboriginal footfall in analysis is to see if the biologic can be discontinued and addition biologic substituted.

Sometimes, humans ability ultraviolet ablaze analysis or radiation analysis to amusement added altitude may advance bullous pemphigoid as a result.

Prednisone, a corticosteroid, is the a lot of accepted analysis option. However, abiding use of prednisone can accept some complications (like abrasion bones), so added options may be explored as well. For example, drugs that can abase the allowed arrangement may be used, as able-bodied as drugs that can action inflammation.

Bullous pemphigoid can sometimes resole itself on its own after treatment. And sometimes cases may boldness quickly, admitting others may yield a best time.

Penis bumps acquired by bullous pemphigoid can be actual annoying as able-bodied as unattractive. If the penis is kept in acceptable accepted health, it is usually in a bigger position to action new issues, so approved appliance of a top cleft penis bloom creme (health professionals acclaim Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) is desirable. Penis derma will be adequate by the absolute contemporary appliance of vitamins, so acquisition a crème that contains an array, such as A, B5, C, D, and E. The crème should aswell cover alpha lipoic acid, a able antioxidant which helps action balance chargeless radicals and thereby strengthens and improves aerial penis skin.